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Rustic Charm in the Sun | Lucy & Gregs Wedding | Gorwell Farm

Hey friend!

I had the most amazing experience photographing this festival-themed barn wedding in June! It was such a joy capturing all the fun and vibrant moments of the day. Picture this: a lively outdoor dance floor, with a live DJ and a sax player jamming out some epic tunes. It was like a mini music festival, but with a wedding twist!

The whole vibe was just perfect for a summer wedding. The sun was shining, and everyone was in such high spirits. It was a celebration of love, and you could feel the joy radiating from every single person there. It really reminded me why I love being a photographer - capturing these moments of pure happiness.

And let me tell you about the speeches! They were so emotional, I had tears in my eyes behind the camera. It was clear that this couple was loved and cherished by their family and friends. There were laughs, tears of joy, and heartfelt memories shared. As a photographer, being able to document these raw and authentic moments is what makes my job so rewarding.

What I loved most about this wedding was the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The couple wanted their day to be fun, and that's exactly what it was. There were no stuffy poses or forced smiles; just genuine moments of joy, love, and connection. I strive to capture those timeless and candid shots that truly reflect the spirit of the day.

I'm all about that documentary-style photography. I want my photos to tell a story, to transport you back to that exact moment in time. And this wedding was a dream for that. From the energetic dancing on the patio to the quiet moments between the couple, every image I took captured the essence of their love and the joy of their special day.

Overall, this festival-themed barn wedding was an absolute dream to photograph. It had all the ingredients for a truly memorable celebration - fun, vibrant, emotional, and filled with love. I couldn't have asked for a better couple or a more perfect setting.

Take a look through their gallery below and get in touch if you're looking for someone to capture your own celebrations!

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